TradingView is a service for trading on the stock exchange.

TradingView is a platform with the best charts and a social network for traders and investors. TradingView provides traders with an easy-to-understand platform that allows them to work with charts as comfortably as possible.

TradingView, in simple words, is an online platform for technical analysis. The main product of TradingView is interactive price charts of various assets and tools for convenient technical analysis. A secondary product is various statistical information and the ability of traders to communicate with each other by publishing their own trading ideas.

This platform is a set of tools for obtaining information about the state of financial markets. The main feature is the exchange of opinions and ideas between technical analysis experts and traders. The functionality allows you to track the graphs of interest in any convenient way: in the browser, through a mobile application, and others.

TradingView is a well-known provider of interactive charts and detailed analytics on trading assets — cryptocurrency, stock exchanges, and so on. Today, the Tradingview website is available in more than 15 languages and contains a lot of useful functionality, which is quite difficult to understand without detailed instructions, especially if we are talking about a novice trader. The TradingView trading platform started its work back in 2011 and the main goal of the company was to unite the trading community in one place. This approach made it possible to exchange information, share your vision of the market, communicate with other traders and thereby improve your trading skills.