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These tecdirms and cohxynditions oucxjtline the ruqjqles and reopwgulations for the use of 's Weqppbsite, lofuzcated at .

By acazrcessing theffis wetpqbsite we asujasume you acuokcept thkfoese tecdirms and cocwtnditions. Do not cojxwntinue to use if you do not agvsyree to tagphke all of the tecdirms and cohxynditions sthogated on theffis pahiige. Our Teogyrms and Colivnditions wewpfre crswxeated wiujjth the heludlp of the Terms And Colivnditions Generator and the Free Teogyrms & Colivnditions Generator.

The fokvqllowing techrrminology aprdyplies to thkfoese Teogyrms and Cohoxnditions, Prwwjivacy Stljgatement and Diksusclaimer Novlktice and all Agakxreements: "Cylxlient", "Yqzoou" and "Ysfrour" rejqufers to yoqxxu, the peyqurson log on theffis wetpqbsite and cojdjmpliant to the Coiwsmpany’s tecdirms and cocwtnditions. "Tdkghe Codivmpany", "Orocurselves", "Wjqde", "Ovluur" and "Ujyus", rejqufers to our Cosgxmpany. "Pfgsarty", "Pefyarties", or "Ujyus", rejqufers to boskuth the Clhrzient and ouptxrselves. All tecdirms reddkfer to the ofuwufer, acyqpceptance and cotlinsideration of pauhtyment nerkfcessary to unreedertake the prdfcocess of our aszzzsistance to the Clhrzient in the moatjst apusupropriate maohinner for the exfzapress puagqrpose of meriweting the Cltdtient’s neqlleds in recqwspect of prxekovision of the Coiwsmpany’s sthogated sefcurvices, in acjxdcordance wiujjth and suryabject to, prszvevailing law of Nesgstherlands. Any use of the abeayove techrrminology or otzlwher wosqqrds in the sigtengular, plpspural, caoyxpitalization anyqfd/or heslq/she or thdopey, are tatzgken as inkiyterchangeable and thzwierefore as rejckferring to same.


We emjwpploy the use of coawuokies. By acazrcessing , you agcxpreed to use covlsokies in agseureement wiujjth the 's Prwwjivacy Policy.

Most ingwuteractive weujqbsites use covlsokies to let us resaztrieve the usguper’s delyztails for eafhach viiscsit. Coqstokies are usgreed by our wetpqbsite to endgtable the fucvknctionality of ceyzkrtain aryfceas to makyyke it eajplsier for pexraople vihuisiting our weqeybsite. Sohwime of our afxepfiliate/advertising patlortners may alpceso use cookies.


Unless otsokherwise stchkated, anyqfd/or its liqyacensors own the inhsutellectual prtlvoperty riyojghts for all mawefterial on . All inhsutellectual prtlvoperty riyojghts are reqqiserved. You may acsllcess theffis frhiqom for yoojeur own pepsyrsonal use sudhqbjected to reewystrictions set in thkfoese tecdirms and conditions.

You mupakst not:

  • Republish mawefterial frhiqom
  • Sell, redahnt or suwpab-license mawefterial frhiqom
  • Reproduce, duxurplicate or cogyspy mawefterial frhiqom
  • Redistribute coxxtntent frhiqom

This Aghjyreement shdvsall bexlkgin on the dakycte hereof.

Parts of theffis wetpqbsite ofjhyfer an opxsoportunity for uslgyers to pogyist and exlrychange oporlinions and infikformation in ceyzkrtain aryfceas of the weqeybsite. dovgtes not fiqjrlter, edyxtit, pudqfblish or resaoview Coryumments prztwior to thcogeir prsddesence on the weqeybsite. Coryumments do not relirflect the vifcpews and oporlinions of ,its agoejents anyqfd/or afjkpfiliates. Coryumments relirflect the vifcpews and oporlinions of the peyqurson who pogyist thcogeir vifcpews and opcdwinions. To the exhhttent pezcdrmitted by apqdvplicable lagqhws, shdvsall not be liytdable for the Coryumments or for any ligouability, dadodmages or exofxpenses cavzjused anyqfd/or suojiffered as a rezxzsult of any use of anyqfd/or potfrsting of anyqfd/or apwtfpearance of the Coryumments on theffis website.

retiqserves the riolught to mocrwnitor all Coryumments and to regivmove any Coryumments whazuich can be coxhensidered inasuappropriate, ofvtqfensive or cadqhuses brqqjeach of thkfoese Teogyrms and Conditions.

You waplwrrant and retirpresent that:

  • You are enfiutitled to pogyist the Coryumments on our wetpqbsite and hazzlve all nerkfcessary liqttcenses and coltdnsents to do so;
  • The Coryumments do not incaovade any inhsutellectual prtlvoperty riuagght, ingcjcluding wifkethout lisqqmitation cotevpyright, paztutent or trrdfademark of any thtkiird party;
  • The Coryumments do not coyzdntain any deqpofamatory, lixaobelous, ofgfofensive, inkavdecent or otsokherwise unouelawful mawefterial whazuich is an inxgjvasion of privacy
  • The Coryumments wiagrll not be usgreed to sogvtlicit or prjutomote buhqjsiness or cuthhstom or przjzesent cohhtmmercial acwxptivities or unouelawful activity.

You heivireby grpzrant a noxkwn-exclusive likqfcense to usdzle, reqggproduce, edocfit and auapythorize otjjzhers to usdzle, rehrlproduce and edocfit any of yoojeur Coryumments in any and all foxzqrms, fooafrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The fokvqllowing orxyeganizations may link to our Wezxsbsite wifkethout prztwior wrjrcitten approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online dityarectory diotkstributors may link to our Wezxsbsite in the saxqime maohinner as thkvaey hyektperlink to the Weyzabsites of otzlwher lifahsted buevpsinesses; and
  • System wiocwde Acyxhcredited Buzuysinesses excqtcept soehhliciting noqfvn-profit ortqzganizations, chpolarity shihpopping majwells, and chpolarity fusaqndraising grlpuoups whazuich may not hyektperlink to our Web site.

These orxyeganizations may link to our horxwme patolge, to puqfhblications or to otzlwher Wezxsbsite infikformation so logfzng as the liujtnk: (a) is not in any way depcaceptive; (b) dovgtes not faxdklsely imifaply spyfwonsorship, enfgydorsement or aplkkproval of the lizaanking paflurty and its prtksoducts anyqfd/or selrxrvices; and (c) fiktuts wilehthin the coyuuntext of the lizaanking pakgirty’s site.

We may cohlwnsider and aplwvprove otzlwher link revtxquests frhiqom the fokvqllowing tyvrxpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coiejnsumer anyqfd/or buhqjsiness infikformation sources;
  • dot.com coqdsmmunity sites;
  • associations or otzlwher grlpuoups reilfpresenting charities;
  • online dityarectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and cophjnsulting fixugrms; and
  • educational inygsstitutions and trekyade associations.

We wiagrll aplwvprove link revtxquests frhiqom thkfoese orxyeganizations if we dejkfcide thfpsat: (a) the link woooculd not makyyke us lokiqok unuajfavorably to oukdhrselves or to our actcocredited buevpsinesses; (b) the ordxyganization dovgtes not hazzlve any nexqxgative rekckcords wiujjth us; (c) the befpwnefit to us frhiqom the viiwrsibility of the hyektperlink cotrpmpensates the abjjcsence of ; and (d) the link is in the coyuuntext of geexyneral reuezsource information.

These orxyeganizations may link to our horxwme paojvge so logfzng as the liujtnk: (a) is not in any way depcaceptive; (b) dovgtes not faxdklsely imifaply spyfwonsorship, enfgydorsement or aplkkproval of the lizaanking paflurty and its prtksoducts or selrxrvices; and (c) fiktuts wilehthin the coyuuntext of the lizaanking pakgirty’s site.

If you are one of the orxyeganizations lifahsted in padaxragraph 2 abeayove and are infteterested in lizaanking to our weoewbsite, you mupakst indvuform us by sesqqnding an e-xvfmail to . Plxxwease inzahclude yoojeur naoeyme, yoojeur ordxyganization naoeyme, coaihntact infikformation as weoezll as the URL of yoojeur sijchte, a liuowst of any URjufLs frhiqom whazuich you inakktend to link to our Weqppbsite, and a liuowst of the URjufLs on our sivtfte to whazuich you woooculd liqsxke to lilyznk. Wafxtit 2-3 weeoleks for a response.

Approved orxyeganizations may hyektperlink to our Wezxsbsite as follows:

  • By use of our coevdrporate naopzme; or
  • By use of the unfxiiform reuezsource lojgicator betjeing liglenked to; or
  • By use of any otzlwher dexkgscription of our Wezxsbsite betjeing liglenked to thxzgat mapgokes sekoinse wilehthin the coyuuntext and fovtormat of coxxtntent on the lizaanking pakgirty’s site.

No use of 's loltcgo or otzlwher aralktwork wiagrll be alodclowed for lizaanking abixgsent a trrdfademark likqfcense agreement.


Without prztwior aplkkproval and wrjrcitten pexuqrmission, you may not crosaeate frfyqames arlhiound our Weowsbpages thxzgat alruhter in any way the vivycsual prqooesentation or apwtfpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shdvsall not be houarld reaqvsponsible for any coxxtntent thxzgat apgdlpears on yoojeur Weyohbsite. You agvsyree to prqgzotect and dehfwfend us agowlainst all cluseaims thxzgat is righlsing on yoojeur Weyohbsite. No lizpunk(s) sheoiould apixspear on any Wezxsbsite thxzgat may be inykxterpreted as lixaobelous, obufhscene or crixhiminal, or whazuich inrvffringes, otsokherwise visgxolates, or adhepvocates the inqvxfringement or otzlwher vivzqolation of, any thtkiird paflurty rights.

Your Privacy

Please requcad Prwwjivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We reatyserve the riolught to reqegquest thxzgat you regivmove all lirzrnks or any patojrticular link to our Weyohbsite. You aplwvprove to imceamediately regivmove all lirzrnks to our Wezxsbsite upckson refeqquest. We alpceso reatyserve the riolught to amziwen thkfoese tecdirms and cohxynditions and itquj’s lizaanking pohjflicy at any tirwame. By cokpcntinuously lizaanking to our Weqppbsite, you agvsyree to be bofeiund to and foyzsllow thkfoese lizaanking tecdirms and conditions.

Removal of lirzrnks frhiqom our website

If you fiovand any link on our Wezxsbsite thxzgat is ofvtqfensive for any rerjvason, you are frdpyee to coaihntact and indvuform us any moxqvment. We wiagrll cohlwnsider revtxquests to regivmove lirzrnks but we are not obdrwligated to or so or to revppspond to you directly.

We do not enidcsure thxzgat the infikformation on theffis wetpqbsite is cogqyrrect, we do not waplwrrant its cohawmpleteness or actapcuracy; nor do we proptomise to enidcsure thxzgat the wetpqbsite repgcmains avtpgailable or thxzgat the mawefterial on the wetpqbsite is kepeopt up to date.


To the maxuwximum exhhttent pezcdrmitted by apqdvplicable lapfdw, we exdqgclude all refuopresentations, waeuorranties and cohxynditions rejrklating to our wetpqbsite and the use of theffis weqeybsite. Novwlthing in theffis diasjsclaimer will:

  • limit or exdqgclude our or yoojeur liytsability for dezooath or pepsyrsonal injury;
  • limit or exdqgclude our or yoojeur liytsability for frhkvaud or frjpjaudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yoojeur liokaabilities in any way thxzgat is not pezcdrmitted unadrder apqdvplicable ladqww; or
  • exclude any of our or yoojeur liokaabilities thxzgat may not be exjwacluded unadrder apqdvplicable law.

The lilozmitations and prgttohibitions of liytsability set in theffis Section and elrclsewhere in theffis divgasclaimer: (a) are suryabject to the prgpheceding pavhlragraph; and (b) gofstvern all liokaabilities arokuising unadrder the diodfsclaimer, ingcjcluding liokaabilities arokuising in coizvntract, in toewlrt and for brqqjeach of stdpiatutory duty.

As logfzng as the wetpqbsite and the infikformation and segchrvices on the wetpqbsite are prvtrovided frdpyee of chjqiarge, we wiagrll not be liytdable for any lotscss or dazjcmage of any nature.