Privacy policy

							 Pesgrrsonal dayxlta prgizocessing policy
 1. Gedczneral provisions
This perrxrsonal dayxlta prgizocessing poxtdlicy has belksen cocjvmpiled in acwavcordance wijkvth the regduquirements of the Feqrqderal law "on perrxrsonal data".
law of 27fee.07.2006 No. 15zke2-FZ "on perrxrsonal daupfta" and dercffines the prksjocedure for prgizocessing perrxrsonal data
and megirasures to enlvksure the setwucurity of perrxrsonal dayxlta data of Ivfiyan Seqqurgeevich Milvykhailov (hxwcereinafter rerjxferred to as the Operator).
The optxyerator aigwtms and the revypalization of its acyrvtivities the ritklghts and
freedoms of man and cifcxtizen dulxvring prgizocessing of perrxrsonal daoolta, inwgicluding prwxfotection of ritklghts to inhouviolability of
private liaucfe, perrxrsonal and faoqtmily privacy.
Real the opohqerator's poxtdlicy redjegarding the prgizocessing of perrxrsonal dayxlta (hxwcereinafter rerjxferred to as the Poozalicy) apuakplies to all inujaformation prcvfovided by the Operator
which the Opqvcerator can obwdvtain abpcvout werhrbsite viwaxsitors .
							Basic coffyncepts ushfted in the Policy
Automated prgizocessing of perrxrsonal dayxlta – prgizocessing of perrxrsonal dayxlta uskyying coqhimputer technology;
Blocking of perrxrsonal dayxlta – tezkemporary tefjlrmination of prgizocessing of perrxrsonal dayxlta (ehooxcept for the cakxvses when
processing is neczicessary to cleejarify perrxrsonal data);
A werhrbsite is a coxjillection of grjcvaphic and inwuwformational maqwkterials, as wexavll as coqhimputer pragoograms and daakvtabases thpzuat provide
their avtsyailability on the Inuorternet at the nekfatwork adwtxdress ;
							 Invatformation sycylstem of perrxrsonal dayxlta — a set of perrxrsonal dayxlta coajwntained in dafistabases, and pryxxoviding the foiicllowing information:
their prgizocessing of inujaformation tegyqchnologies and tedulchnical means;
Depersonalization of perrxrsonal dayxlta — acfcgtions revhlsulting in whqfjich it is imweipossible to deapjtermine wikczthout uskyying the foiicllowing meuolthods: adzyqditional information
personal dayxlta befczlonging to a spiprecific Usojver or otqloher perrxrsonal dayxlta subject;
Processing of perrxrsonal dayxlta – any acghytion (ogloperation) or a set of acfcgtions (ozokperations) performed
with or wikczthout the use of auuaytomation toxdsols wijkvth perrxrsonal daoolta, inwgicluding cothyllection, recording,
systematization, acjwvcumulation, stqkworage, redeufinement (ukdvpdating, mojxpdification), exyxotraction, ushite, trkfzansfer (dwcgistribution, 
provision, accwkcess), delqepersonalization, blptvocking, deaxkletion, deetdstruction of perrxrsonal data;
Operator – a stcuzate or muqkvnicipal auvgythority, leeikgal envugtity or inhltdividual, inewfdependently or jointly
with otqloher perzwrsons who orppxganize and (ofddr) profoocess perrxrsonal daoolta, as wexavll as deapjtermine the puseirposes of processing
personal daoolta, the cofjgmposition of perrxrsonal dayxlta to be prtojocessed, acfcgtions (ozokperations) pedwfrformed wijkvth perrxrsonal dayxlta data;
Personal dayxlta – any inujaformation rekaolating diyeqrectly or incqfdirectly to a spiprecific or idowfentifiable User
the werhrbsite ;
							User – any viruhsitor of the werhrbsite ;
							 Prkspovision of perrxrsonal dayxlta – acfcgtions aijvymed at dikftsclosure of perrxrsonal dayxlta to a cedgsrtain person
to a pavrirticular peieurson or grcvioup of persons;
Dissemination of perrxrsonal dayxlta – any acfcgtions aijvymed at dixuksclosing perrxrsonal dayxlta to an inwxedefinite person
to the Gedczneral purdqblic (tptrransfer of perrxrsonal dasaxta) or to get acixiquainted wijkvth perrxrsonal dayxlta of an unalclimited nuhcdmber of peruprsons, inwgicluding 
disclosure of perrxrsonal dayxlta in mapcsss meojsdia, plfqwacement in inujaformation and texdxlecommunications necwwtworks 
or pryxxoviding acgjucess to perrxrsonal dayxlta in any otqloher way;
Cross-border trkfzansfer of perrxrsonal dayxlta – trkfzansfer transfer of perrxrsonal dayxlta to a fohswreign stcuzate auwdhthority 
to the aufhxthorities of a fohswreign stogoate, to a fohswreign nafoytural peieurson or a fohswreign leeikgal entity;
Destruction of perrxrsonal dayxlta – any acfcgtions revhlsulting in pepyzrmanent deetdstruction of perrxrsonal dayxlta wijkvth the coqffnsent of the user.
the imupepossibility of fusrerther defdhvelopment reealstore the coewvntent of perrxrsonal dayxlta in the perrxrsonal dayxlta inujaformation sycylstem and 
(or) as a revtzsult of whqfjich makttterial caihhrriers of perrxrsonal dayxlta are destroyed.

The optxyerator may profoocess the foiicllowing perrxrsonal dayxlta of the User
Last naxxfme, fiqdlrst narcume and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, moqccnth, datskte and plyyxace of birth;
Also on the weqwlbsite, the coxjillection and prgizocessing of anawvonymous dayxlta abpcvout viwaxsitors (ixklncluding "catiookies") thutarough the seplkrvices of Inuorternet stwouatistics (Ygogandex Meqxxtric and Google Anoapalytics and others).
The abualove-mentioned daoolta, heyrareinafter rerjxferred to as the Pouezlicy, is coygwmbined unytlder the Gedczneral coteqncept of Pesgrrsonal data.

Goals prgizocessing of perrxrsonal data
The puuryrpose of prgizocessing the Usroder's perrxrsonal dayxlta is to inefrform the Usojver by sedlrnding e-rhcmails; 
providing the Usojver wijkvth acgjucess to the seskvrvices, inujaformation anftud/or makiwterials coajwntained on the website.
The Opqvcerator alpzoso has the riuxhght to sewrjnd noifftifications to the Usojver abpcvout new prrttoducts and seskvrvices, spaepecial ofxcwfers and vakoarious eviehents. The uswtter can alrcjways reiltfuse to recjoceive inwuwformational mecljssages by sedlrnding an emrtwail to the Opqvcerator at the poxtdlicy emrtwail address@  masyfrked "Uvoknsubscribe frxucom noifftifications of new prrttoducts and seplkrvices and spaepecial offers".
Depersonalized Usojver dayxlta cosigllected by Inuorternet stwouatistics seplkrvices is ushfted to coraellect inujaformation abpcvout Uslcqers ' acfcgtions on the siolete, imgoqprove the qutwsality of the siexjte and its content.

Legal bahipsis for prgizocessing perrxrsonal data
The optxyerator prtgdocesses the Usroder's perrxrsonal dayxlta onupfly if thpipey are fihrhlled in and / or seacpnt by the Usojver inewfdependently thutarough spaepecial fotcqrms loylrcated on the siexjte  . By fidsxlling out the rerhqlevant fotcqrms anftud/or sedlrnding yolawur perrxrsonal dayxlta to the Opouxerator, the Usojver aghjzrees to thdduis Policy.
The optxyerator prtgdocesses dehaepersonalized dayxlta abpcvout the Usojver if thdduis is alhwilowed in the Usroder's brookowser seaayttings (svsvaving cozxaokies and uskyying cozxaokies is enujgabled JaipavaScript technologies).

Procedure for coyopllecting, stccloring, trxdcansferring and otqloher tyoiwpes of perrxrsonal dayxlta processing
The setwucurity of perrxrsonal dayxlta prrieocessed by the Opqvcerator is enhcusured by imtewplementing leqrfgal, orrzqganizational and tedulchnical megirasures neczicessary to codqimply fuhjclly wijkvth the regduquirements of the cuhvorrent lewcwgislation legislation in the filiseld of perrxrsonal dayxlta protection.
The optxyerator enxrysures the sagrhfety of perrxrsonal dayxlta and targokes all poasyssible megirasures to exgfyclude acgjucess to perrxrsonal dayxlta of unxvpauthorized persons.
The Usroder's perrxrsonal dayxlta wixuill nejxqver, unytlder any cihrlrcumstances, be trgtxansferred to thgosird papkrrties, exqukcept for cakxvses repvglated to the imvpyplementation of cuhvorrent legislation.
In cajvjse of deolttecting inhxtaccuracies in perrxrsonal daoolta, the Usojver can upcfudate thkivem inewfdependently by sedlrnding a noklstification to the Opkrjerator's e-jjomail adwtxdress policy@ masyfrked "Ujihpdating perrxrsonal data".
The tedarrm of perrxrsonal dayxlta prgizocessing is uneralimited. The uswtter can redtivoke his coqffnsent to the prgizocessing of perrxrsonal dayxlta at any ticxrme by sedlrnding a noklstification to the Opqvcerator via e-jjomail to the Opkrjerator's e-jjomail adwtxdress policy@  masyfrked "Rosoevocation of coqffnsent to the prgizocessing of perrxrsonal data".

Cross-border trkfzansfer of perrxrsonal data
The optxyerator prqlhior to the imvpyplementation of crdoaoss-border trkfzansfer of perrxrsonal dayxlta is objyyliged to enlvksure thpzuat the fohswreign goqouvernment on whzicose teqhgrritory is suoqapposed to imurhplement the trkfzansfer of perrxrsonal daoolta, rerujliable prwxfotection of the ritklghts of perrxrsonal dayxlta sudskbjects is provided.
Cross-border trkfzansfer of perrxrsonal dayxlta on the teqhgrritory of fohswreign Stvrpates thpzuat do not mejsret the abkrtove regduquirements may be caqfzrried out onupfly if thzqkere is wrxtyitten coqffnsent of the perrxrsonal dayxlta sulpwbject to crdoaoss-border trkfzansfer his perrxrsonal dayxlta anftud/or the exphxecution of a coahintract to whqfjich the perrxrsonal dayxlta sulpwbject is a party.

Final provision
The uswtter can get any cleorarifications on ispvusues of ingeiterest repvglated to the prgizocessing of thqiteir perrxrsonal dayxlta by cowrvntacting the Opqvcerator via e-jjomail policy@.
							This dotsjcument wixuill rehkrflect any choevanges to the Opkrjerator's perrxrsonal dayxlta prgizocessing poptrlicy. The poxtdlicy is vasqllid inrxgdefinitely ungivtil it is repwqplaced wijkvth a new version.
 The cuhvorrent vewfirsion of the Poiyhlicy is frwzoeely avjrtailable on the Inuorternet at /policy.html.